The world’s most powerful, influential, and successful leaders share one thing in common.
Speechpower. An incredible ability to communicate and connect.


Every person communicates. Not everyone connects.
It’s our job to help you connect. Powerfully.

The best communicators engage and connect.

They communicate simply, clearly, and powerfully. With access to over twenty years experience, we transform our clients into powerful communicators who meaningfully connect with clients, potential customers, and colleagues. We address our clients’ unique communication and connection challenges. We understand successful communication transformation begins by understanding our clients and what gets in the way of powerful communication.

Corporate Speechpower. Transforming leaders into powerful communicators. Our expression. Our genius. Our power.


Communication is at the heart of everything we do,
impacting our relationships every day.

Our genius and expertise in in helping our clients realise their full communication potential in public speaking, business presenting, leadership and interpersonal communication, and on-camera communication.

Every communication is building or breaking a relationship. Leaders who have achieved communication excellence develop strong, functional, and lasting relationships. Those who have not gained mastery find their communication constantly undermines, or worse still, destroys relationships. At Corporate Speechpower we help our clients build relationships when speaking in person, in public, on camera, across cultures, and with those they lead. Whether transforming one person’s communication or shifting an entire company’s communication ethos, transforming leaders into powerful communicators who meaningfully connect with customers,  colleagues, and the public is what we do best.


Understanding self and others. Unearthing communication talents. Problem solving. Then honing communication skills for powerful expression, engagement, and building meaningful connection with an audience of one or many. These are at the heart of successful communication transformation and what Corporate Speechpower understands so well.

  • Person-To-Person communication
  • Public speaking, pitching, and business presenting
  • On-Camera communication
  • Business cultural etiquette
  • Leadership communication


In creating a strategy for our clients to genuinely connect we ask the following – Who are you connecting with? Why are you connecting? What value are you giving? These questions inform the experiences we lead our clients through to transform the way our clients connect with their clients, customers, and colleagues, ensuring focus is centred on creating meaningful connection.

  • Client engagement
  • Customer connection
  • Business prospecting
  • Pitching and business presentations
  • Cultural diversity connection
  • Employee connection and engagement
  • Meaningful networking


Knowing how to overcome communication and relationship breakdown is critical for any leader. From customer upset, lost pitches, lack of confidence, message off point, and offence caused. We analyse the root cause of breakdowns and transform thinking, communication, and behaviour to enable our clients to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.

  • Client and customer upset and disconnection
  • Lost pitches and proposals
  • Business etiquette and intercultural communication offence
  • Diplomatic collapse
  • Unhealthy company culture/morale
  • Performance appraisals gone wrong
  • Lacking confidence


At Corporate Speechpower we understand
everybody is different.

Every client needs a unique and personal approach to achieve successful communication transformation.

Corporate Speechpower’s reputation as trusted communication and connection specialists comes from delivering personalised communication transformation experiences that address our clients’ individual needs. We craft innovative immersion experiences to the highest standard to uncover each client’s communication capability. We unearth challenges. We identify habits. We discover potential. Through expert analysis, dynamic responsiveness to individual needs, and encouraging risk taking, we move our clients beyond their communication blocks and into realising their communication potential. We lead each client through a personalised seven step communication transformation process that starts with engagement and culminates in speechpower.


Powerful communication.
Meaningful connection.

Powerful communication and meaningful connection is paramount to business success and personal fulfillment.

Every great company, movement, campaign – every great relationship – owes its success to powerful communication that connects. Deep down we all want to be connected. We want to engage meaningfully with one another. That’s why we at Corporate Speechpower transform leaders into powerful communicators who meaningfully connect with clients, potential customers, and colleagues.

We think communication and connection is everything!


We can help.


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